Extreme Sports


 For the thrill seekers, this is a scarcely known paradise. Fontainemore offers the possibility to try canyoning in the Pacoulla and Bouro creeks, a Via ferrata in Monte Mars as well as rock-climbing in Borney. Climbs here range from 12-110 meters and are equipped with resined bolts as well as chains for belay descents. Other nearby sites include - Donnas, Gressoney-Saint-Jean, Bard and Albard. The climbing Mecca however is situated less than 20km away - Arnad/Machaby. Here you will find over 80 routes ranging from 4c-8c (French system). This slab rock is fantastic and exposed to the sun making even mid-winter ascents possible. Climbs include crimps and cracks and range to nearly 280 meters. If that still isn't enough then a classic ice climb in Gressoney is something we could arrange.    

Why not try something completely different? Our neighbour offers paragliding in nearby Borgofranco and Gressoney-La-Trinité (both approximately 20km). For a once in a lifetime experience you could even try Heli-skiing. Or for something less demanding, just sit back and let us arrange a helicopter ride over the Monte Rosa Glacier.