A Little Bit About Us


My name is Silvia and I have a passion for wilderness trekking, adventure and foreign travel. I love meeting new people and discovering new cultures, especially those with little contact from the "outside world". Some of my favourite places include the Andes, the Gran Sabana in Venezuela, the Great Tibetan Plateau and Thailand. I also love to return home and feel lucky to be blessed with such a backyard. Languages are another passion of mine and I've been dragging out a linguistics course over the last decade. If you speak Spanish, French or English then I would love to learn some more useful phrases. I live near La Maisonette, one floor above my mother, a true Valdostana. Unlike me, she is indestructible, feels no cold and can be seen every day tending her vegetable gardens or cooking polenta over a wood-fired stove. Mariuccia, aka "Patch" has a wealth of stories, knowledge and experiences passed down through the generations that she enjoys to share.